Current Projects


A mind-controlled keyboard! Current mind-controlled keyboards require multiple operations to select a character. We propose the usage of an imagined sign language to select characters. This way, characters can be selected in one operation, making mind-typing much faster for people with neuromuscular degeneration. This will be our submission of Part 2 of the NeuroTechX Student Competition.


A mind-controlled bot! This project proves the interdisciplinary nature of neurotechnology, and consists of concepts from electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and neuroscience.


Our own EEG headset! We're trying to make a headset for the OpenBCI board that is comfortale for wearers and easy to use for researchers with good signal quality.

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On Hold

Biosignals Board

A board that can pick up biosignals (like EEG and ECG), convert them to digital values, and stream them to a computer. This will be our submission for Part 1 of the NeuroTechX Student Competition.


An eye-based gesture system for virtual and augmented reality devices! Using EOG, it allows the user to perform actions such as taking pictures and looking through emails without needing to use their hands.

Mindfulness Study

A research project looking into and designing a product for feedback-based meditation.