Make an epic neurotech idea, and bring it to life



Meet fellow neurotech enthusiasts, make teams of 3-4, and come up with an awesome neurotech project! Our challenge to you is to come up with a simple, yet meaningful (to you :) ) idea that can be completed in a semester. Our mentors will be there to help you with the tech and neuro stuff, so let your imaginations fly!


Step 1: Think of an idea

Saturday Feb 10, 5--8PM: OISE 3311

Sunday Feb 11, 5--8PM: OISE 5150

Step 2: Get advice from mentors

Tuesday Feb 13, 6--9PM: BF 315

Step 3: Pitch time!

Sunday Feb 18, 3--5PM: OISE 3311


follow your passions

does not have to be 'useful'!

team of 3 can finish project in a semester



Congrats, you have an epic idea! Make it come to life in a semester with your team :D . We'll meet up every week to hack away at our ideas. More info coming soon.

~5 hours dev time per week

weekly 2 hour hack session

2-4 hours of your own time