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Knowledge: 1st year —


Begin your journey by making your first neurotech app! Learn to build your first circuits, program your first Arduinos, and learn the fundamentals of BCI design. Our next round of workshops starts in January 2019, so make sure to keep an eye out for them!



Knowledge: 2nd year —

Cortical Apps

Start applying your neurotech skills to real projects! Work on feature development for existing projects, or make your own with our Cortical Apps Project Incubator.



Knowledge: 3rd year —

Advanced Projects

Work on our most advanced research and product development initiatives, and join our competition teams! Find out about our advanced projects here.

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March 6, 2018


- Nominate yourself for Vice President, Operations by April 13th!

- Exec positions are out, and due April 13th! Project positions coming out soon :)

- We submitted our work so far with MindType to the NTX Student Clubs Competition!

- Let's celebrate an epic year over some food and drinks; tentatively on April 28th 8:00pm!


Hey neurotech ninjas!

First of all, thank you very much for making this year our most awesome year yet! Some super-cool things we did:




All this calls for a celebration! We're going to go for food and drinks to wash exam season away; right now we're thinking of going on April 28th at 8:00pm, but we'll update you with more details as we get them!

We're also preparing NeurotechUofT to be ready to make stuff for the summer term! Some cool things we want to do:

  • Set up a controlled experiment protocol to get motor imagery algs to work for MindType
  • Start working on brainOS, a mind-controlled augmented reality OS :D
  • Print high-quality PCBs to reduce noise in our biosignals board
  • Solidify beginner neurotech workshops; make advanced workshops with How to Hack the Brain, with Coffee!
  • (Anything else you guys want to do! Let us know :) )

To do that, we're revamping our exec and project teams! We're accepting nominations for Vice President, Operations, and have applications open for other exec roles! These are due on April 13th at 11:59pm, so apply soon :O Project applications will come really soon :), so stay tuned!

That's all for now; once again thank you for supporting us on our incredible journey in becoming epic neurotech ninjas! Get some rest, sleep well, and good luck on your exams!



Sayan Faraz



(More will be coming soon, as we find new resources. If you have any resources you think are useful, email us ask@neurotechuoft.com and we'll be happy to look at it!)


Git Version Control: LearnGitBranching

Coding for Beginners: CodeCombat

Coding Puzzles (all levels of expertise): Kattis

Android Development: TheNewBoston — Android App Development

iOS Development: TheNewBoston — iOS App Development with Swift





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